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Tabitha Ladin grew up in Maine and began her life as an artist at a very early age. From her early years she has loved drawing and painting animals both real and imagined.

Tabitha went to The Art Center of Tucson in Arizona to learn Graphic Design and Computer Graphic Design. After some freelance work, she moved to the Los Angeles area in California and worked as a colorist and later a color editor for Malibu Comics. After about a year she moved back to Arizona and worked as an interface designer for a major financial software company and later joined the marketing department to create designs for catalogues, brochures, flyers, packaging etc. Tabitha worked there for about eight years before her position was eliminated and she decided to care for her children full time.

Now that her children are older she has decided to return to her true passion, fantasy and nature art. For several years she was on the jury panel at She was the featured artist in issue#4 of ArtTrader Magazine. Several of Tabitha's works appear in "The Best of 2007" book. And she also appears in "COLOR: A Collaborative Perspective". She has published six fantasy-themed coloring books which are available at

Tabitha sends her fantasy and science fiction art to various fantasy and science fiction convetion art shows around the country.

Immortal Coils by Tabitha Ladin
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